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Repaired Cylinders

Repaired Cylinders

Repaired Cylinders

Repaired Cylinders

The Hytec Group of Companies, through Hytec Engineering, repairs and refurbishes hydraulic cylinders to the highest OEM standards.

The test rigs used for hydraulic cylinder repairs allow pressure testing for function and leakages up to 800 bar, as well as mid-stroke bypass testing.

All hydraulic cylinder repair work is conducted at Hytec Engineering’s Johannesburg facility and done in accordance with SABS and ISO 9001:2000 standards. For accurate measurements, our hydraulic cylinder repair equipment is calibrated by SANAS-accredited laboratories. Our professional hydraulic cylinder repair work is guaranteed with:

  • A dedicated repair division

  • Fast turnaround times

  • Repairs to standard tolerances


Hydraulic cylinder repair assessments

Prior to repairing a faulty cylinder, comprehensive assessments are conducted by our specialised in-house team of experts. These assessments include, but are not limited to:

  • Measuring interface and mounting dimensions

  • Stripping cylinders for comprehensive inspection related to wear and damage

  • Providing a damage report determining repairs and associated costs, as well as the scheduled repaired cylinder return date

  • Emergency repair services are available to customers with fast turnaround requirements


Refurbishment and assembly

Hytec Engineering ensures that only qualified technicians assemble cylinders to original specifications. Furthermore, every repaired cylinder is thoroughly inspected, while measurement documents are stored on the Hytec Engineering database.

Cylinder Services

Hytec Engineering is South Africa’s – and sub-Saharan Africa's only hydraulics cylinder company with in-house cylinder design, grinding, inspection, testing, honing, turning and repairing services under one roof.

In addition to our hydraulic cylinder repair services, Hytec offers a variety of additional services including:

  • Computer-aided designs and an advanced 3D modelling system with the latest design technology

  • Grinding of up 4 m in length and 600 mm in diameter

  • Honing up to 9 m in length and 600 mm in diameter

  • MIG and electrode welding

  • Turning up to 9 m in length and swing of 1 m

  • CNC lathes

  • Machining centres and milling

The Hytec Group of Companies’ workshops and testing procedures ensure our service and repair offering is OEM specification-compliant. This fact combined with our high repair turnaround makes us the hydraulics’ repair service provider of choice to hydraulics customers throughout southern Africa.

Our repair programmes have been designed to meet the needs of your industry! We strive to restore all components to original factory specification, and all repairs are compliance-certified, issued with an accompanying certificate.

Contact Hytec Engineering today!